• June 30 2021

What are the benefits of local SEO?

What are the benefits of local SEO?

For small business owners, a key priority is to take advantage of any opportunity to generate sales leads and create a loyal customer base. One of the most lucrative ways to do this is by being present where customers are focusing their attention. Today, more than half the customers in the world are now turning to online channels to purchase products and to avail or participate in services available online. It is no surprise then, that search engines quickly became one of the most prominent channels for marketing. Customers use search engines like Google and Bing frequently simply to make informed decisions and to conduct research prior to taking any action. Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest that small businesses should start marketing their offerings on local SEO services using creative strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO).

Small businesses stand to gain the most from local SEO strategy when they develop a strong localized web presence, as this increases the chances of the business securing a majority of sales in a local market. What this means is that if you, as a small business owner, work on strengthening your website and other related business pages using local SEO methods, you will benefit highly.

Why is local SEO important?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, refers to those actions which are designed to improve the visibility of your website, or related business pages, on local search engines when people close to your business’s geographical location perform a search. The main concept is that through search engine optimization, the business’s goal is to rank higher up in the search results once a user types in specific keywords when conducting their search. It is a digital activity that promotes the physical business and must be a part of the business’s overall SEO strategy. Through local SEO specifically, the SEO is dependent on users looking for something (a product or a service) within a specified geographical area. Generally, local SEO and general SEO serve different audiences. With local SEO, customers within the local catchment area are targeted, while with general SEO, businesses can target customers anywhere in the world.

Local SEO is beneficial for any business which has a physical location or any business which serves a specific geographical area. This means that local brick-and-mortar stores like restaurants, bars, and so on should be using it. Search engines like Google have specific local ranking factors which determine whether the business is geographically relevant to a user performing a ‘near me’ search. The strategies which affect the ranking of websites on search engines include building links from other local websites, content, keyword research, and online reviews, among others. Key technical factors such as how quickly the website is loading can also impact the ranking of the website in the organic search results section.


Current data suggest that local SEO is now highly beneficial in helping a small business generate turnover. A recent study found that 50% of customers who ran a search on their smartphones, went to a physical store within the next day. Local SEO, as explained above, is a branch of search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing a business’s website so that it is found in local search results. Ranking higher on search engines enables businesses to be found by potential customers. Investing in local SEO is beneficial for small businesses as it can help increase the number of customers entering your store, which in turn is likely to help generate revenue and increase the customer base.


  • Boosting traffic to websites
  • Increasing footfall to brick-and-mortar stores or physical locations
  • Increase in the number of leads
  • Building a trusting, loyal customer base
  • Repeat business
  • Stronger local community outreach
  • More effective incentive-based marketing campaigns

Thus, local SEO services are important for local businesses as it strengthens their visibility and helps to widen their reach. People increasingly look to research a business before taking an action, which further demonstrates the need for a small business to optimize its online presence.

In conclusion, the increasing use of smartphones and other related devices such as Google Home, suggests that businesses must stay ahead of the curve and shift towards marketing their products and services through strategies such as local SEO. Higher rankings of your business on search engines require a local SEO strategy. An effective strategy will help your business stay ahead of competitors, have access to a larger number of customers and increase your overall visibility in online and physical competitive landscapes. Appearing within the top search results will be highly beneficial and requires thorough planning. Enlist the help of local digital marketing agencies to start optimizing your business’s online presence today!

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