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OptimusClick aims to give a valued customer a unique, inventive, and intelligent website, SEO and digital marketing solution that is dependable and properly thought out. With our track record for completing projects in-house and on schedule, we’re confident that we’ll be your first option when hiring a digital marketing agency.

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Zawad Muzahid

Co Founder, Web & SEO Director

We’ve got the right team for you if you’re in the market for an innovative and well-executed website solution, SEO, or paid marketing. We specialize in adding value to big and small local companies in all industries. We have helped businesses in the health and wellness field, IT, real estate, financial services, professional service, education, and non-profits grow and expand their brands across the internet.
Our team has the skills needed to add value to your business to grow its internet influence. Although we operate from Sydney, we can assist any business worldwide improve their SEO content, social media content, branding, and logo design.

This is not just what we do; this is what we love, and digital marketing is what we are passionate about. We love helping businesses grow, scale, and expand. Our team of experts has been performing digital marketing strategies for years with great success, and we believe that your growth is our growth; your success is our success.

Our long-term mission is not only to complete Website, SEO, or Paid Marketing projects but also to build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect with our clients and other business partners. You may rest sure that we’ve established a solid reputation in our field due to our ability to connect with current business contacts. We have built our place in the business for years through effective project delivery and repeat customers.

Our service packages are developed in a way that works as a combination solution. If you do not have any online presence, we suggest you youth a website at least. At the same time, we will tell you we have SEO packages. For this case, we developed our Web & SEO Packages, which deliver you different levels of combined service that you need. Likewise, who does not have social media? Our social media solutions are intruded on other SEO packages. See a quick glimpse of our packages and services.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Digital marketing is the process of businesses leveraging digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other platforms to connect with current and prospective customers. In today’s world, digital marketing helps you reach a larger audience than you could through traditional methods and target the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service. Additionally, it’s often more cost-effective than traditional advertising and enables you to measure success on a daily basis.Website SEO Digital MarketingIf you place an advertisement on TV, in a magazine, or on a billboard, you have limited control over who sees the ad. Digital marketing, on the other hand, allows you to identify and target a highly specific audience and send that audience personalized, high-converting marketing messages. This is perhaps, the most standout characteristic of digital marketing. The internet has revolutionized the world of advertising and made things possible that were deemed impossible in the recent past.

Digital marketing enables you to track campaigns on a daily basis and decrease the amount of money you’re spending on a certain channel if it isn’t demonstrating high ROI. If you work for a small business, it’s likely difficult for you to compete with the major brands in your industry, many of which have millions of dollars to invest in television commercials or nationwide campaigns. However, there are plenty of opportunities to outrank the big players through strategic digital marketing initiatives. Digital marketing provides businesses with incredibly flexible opportunities for continuous growth. For businesses operating in any industry, establishing a digital presence is one of the fundamental practices that can enable success.

At Optimus Click, we believe that the modern world of business requires marketing operations to be digitalized. The experience we gathered by actively participating with companies from a wide array of industries has shown us that effective and measured digital marketing strategies can be absolutely vital for companies to witness positive transformations. We have tried our best to provide competent digital marketing services to our impressive portfolio of clients and helped them grow. The experience we gained in return has been priceless.

At Optimus Click, our journey has helped us recognize the most significant benefits digital marketing provides to businesses. Competent digital marketing generates leads organically and also helps achieve organic sales of products and services. It creates more online traffic to the website and social platforms of a business. More traffic eventually brings more sales, and consistent quality marketing through digital platforms enhances the brand value of a company in the digital space in an outstanding manner.

Our Team

Quamrul Hassan - Optimus Click

Quamrul Hassan

Co Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist
Zawad Muzahid - Co Founder, Web & SEO Director

Zawad Muzahid

Co Founder & SEO Director

Jason Smith

Google Ads Specialist

Mahfuz Ahmed

Full Stack Developer

Bridget Peyton

Content Writer

Makayla Joiner

Creative Designer

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