Content Marketing

No matter if you are a marketing leader that is engaging your audience of potential customers or a business manager that want to bring more personalization and humanization to your brand, you need good content. Quality video and copy content generates awareness and can increase customer click-throughs by up to 65%. Content that is consistent will prove to your customers your brand’s credibility and create trust with them, and when your audience decides to research your business you will appear more in tune with their wants and needs.

Why You Need Content Marketing

Have you seen your competitors use videos or blogs to drive traffic to their websites? Are there any content creators that you follow or personally enjoy watching and hearing recommendations from via video? Have you ever subscribed to a blog to receive consistent updates on topics you are interested in?

If you have said yes to any of those questions, then you are already aware of the importance and value content brings to a brand. The highest trafficked websites always, always, have consistent and regular content being posted. These sites consistently deliver greater sales through their content. If your competitors are using content, then you should be as well.

Content such as videos and blogs can help your business gain traction on the internet. Videos and blogs can supplement your website with highly engaging visuals, invaluable information, and a personalized feeling for your customers. Content can help inform your customers as to why they should choose your brand and the authority that your solution offers.

What We Cover

There are many ways of content marketing. However, at OptimusClick, we discuss with our clients and understand their current situation. After doing research and analysis, our content marketing team comes up with a plan in which we decide what items should we include. Of course, it will also depend on the budget that our clients would like to spend over a certain period of time.  These are the following items we can deliver in our content marketing campaigns.

Blogs or Articles

Blog posts or articles are one of the fundamentals of content marketing. Through blog posts, you can easily keep your visitors busy with new discussions and ideas. Blog posts are mainly focused on sharing ideas that lead to the services you provide, or at least, it creates interest among the visitors to continue reading.

OptimusClick, with more than 8 years of combined experience in content marketing, our top-notch copywriters can up with excellent ideas and write blogs for you.

Email Marketing

It is very easy and effective to share your blog posts with your enlisted clients via email marketing. Like the way we can schedule your blog posts, we can also run a marketing automation process and send emails to your clients just with the same blog post you have on your website blog page.


We all like interaction and animation. Either that’s for information sharing purposes or for entertainment purposes. Using infographics, sometimes the data interpretation becomes very easy to describe to the viewers.  Our graphic designers are highly trained in developing infographics for different types of industries.


If a picture can say a thousand words, then a video tells you the whole story.  By creating videos, you can promote your business, establish brand identity, create public awareness, and much more. Video as content is able to deliver the message and interact with the emotion of the viewer.  We, at OptimusClick, can help you create such wonderful and meaningful videos for your business. These videos can be used in different ways, such as on your website, your YouTube channel, social media, blog, etc based on the marketing plan and strategy.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s work together and increase your business exposure across different platforms such as website articles, blog posts, and Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). For more information, contact us on 1300 597 307. Otherwise, send your query to and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours. We also welcome you to our office located in Narellan, Sydney NSW 2200, and discuss over a cup of coffee!


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