Custom Website

What Makes Your Business Different?

A custom web design is a stunning showroom for your product or service. Having a website design that is fully customized eliminates the necessity to use a pre-designed template and ensures that your website stands out from the crowd. Creating a custom website that accurately reflects the philosophy and purpose of your business is a magnificent way to communicate to consumers. There are endless tools, technologies, and services available today that enable you to create an effective web design that distinguishes your brand from the crowd and helps you to get ahead of the competition.

Custom Website

Custom Website is the Future

At Optimus Click, your custom website is built completely from scratch using code. Our web developers will work with you to create a truly unique website that addresses the specific needs of your business and provides an exceptional user experience for your customers. You maintain control over every aspect of the design process to ensure the finished product becomes a powerful tool you can use to grow your business.

A custom website will convey your brand’s unique values uniquely, and it will improve search engine results. It provides an exceptional user experience for the visitors and allows for easy scalability. A greater professional appearance can be achieved by creating a custom website.

Another benefit of custom website design is that it enables better search engine optimization. Thankfully, with a custom site design project, you’ll get help from web developers and SEO specialists. The latter implements best practices that’ll help your site rank better on search engines.


At Optimus Click, we have the necessary knowledge in marketing, branding, and designing to understand the customized needs of a business. We feel excited to have opportunities to create unique things. If you own a business of any size in Sydney and are looking to make an effective custom website, we can help you.

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Custom websites can also ensure that you are able to add features that are necessary for your clients to have in order to utilize your services. There are a number of different doors that a custom website design can open for your business. The ability to make your website truly yours, with the brand identity embedded in it is one of the key benefits of custom websites. It’s a lot easier to customize a website toward your brand if you take advantage of the tools that you get with a custom web design. It also allows you to make your website look more professional, which, in the long run, can help attract more people to your site and business as well.

Business Opportunities With Custom Website

Websites provide businesses with an opportunity to showcase not only their unique products and services but also their personality. Through custom web design and development, a business can partner with an agency’s design team to give their website a personalized touch and a unique user experience that is not limited to what most drag-and-drop templates offer.

Another benefit of custom website design is that it enables better search engine optimization. Thankfully with a custom site design project, you’ll get help from not only web developers but also SEO specialists. The latter implements best practices that’ll help your site rank better on search engines.

Optimus Click has the necessary knowledge in marketing, branding, and designing to understand the customized needs of any business. We feel excited when we create unique things, and we look forward to unique opportunities.



Your website has two different audiences that you’re writing for:

human visitors FAQ

search engines FAQ

For human visitors, it is essential to keep the website simple, uncluttered and easy to use. If you want your website to rank well with Google and other search engines, it is better to have lots of content. Five or six pages usually isn’t enough to make search engines notice. We get to learn it from google FAQ

UX in web design means, website is designed to make the interaction between user and product. The process has to be very easy. Nowadays, users decide within 8 seconds if they want to stay on a site or leave it. In these 8 seconds, you have to make your offer, and customer benefits. Visitors should understand it easily.

In today’s competitive world, the importance of user experience has been understood by most companies. There is a general agreement that, an effective UX design helps you ensure the association between your business objectives and customers’ needs and FAQ.

Content FAQ

At Optimus Click, we have a talented team of content writers who are adept at coming up with excellent ideas for blogs and articles to be published on a custom website.

When users come to your site, they’re most likely looking for a product, service or information. One of the ways to provide this information and details concerning products and services is through content. Providing users with the knowledge that they’re looking for clearly and easily can help keep users on your site and increase conversions.

Search engine optimised content should always reflect your keyword strategy. Keywords are the terms that you want to be found online, and best describe your products and services. These terms should be unique to each page on your website. Content is a great place to highlight these keywords in a natural, relevant way and help search engines connect your website and the keywords you want to rank for.

Optimus Click designs custom websites to be search engine friendly. Search engines will rank a site higher the more people click on your site and link to it. For every day that you have a generic free site, your competitor who built a custom site will continue to gain a higher rank because their site will be clicked on more frequently. Essentially, it is better to choose the custom site from the get-go to capture your audience.

There are online marketing techniques that require the ability to manipulate a website. Unfortunately, with a free site, an SEO specialist will not be able to perform many of those techniques. A custom site allows an SEO specialist to manipulate the site, update it with ease, and change tactics quickly if needed.

Ultimately, the measure of a successful website is how well it engages people and provides a good user experience. Websites that accomplish this goal will increase conversions, turning website visitors into new customers. Custom web design makes it much easier for you to make these necessary changes to your website. Your web developer can incorporate any new elements or features as required, allowing your website to grow and evolve with your business. Templated websites are much more limited in adapting to your changing needs over time. The level of professionalism conveyed through a custom design is a game-changer for many businesses, making you appear more legitimate and trustworthy to anyone who visits the site. This increased credibility will help you establish yourself as a sincere business with potential customers, resulting in more quality leads and an increase in conversions.


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