• March 23 2020


As a business owner, you might be thinking about what is good for your business, SEO performance, or Paid marketing for quick ROI. The fact is, there is no specific answer to this question. However, we can discuss, compare and understand which is better for you, SEO vs PPC. To start with, you need to have a clear but basic understanding of these two aspects of online marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. To explain a bit, it is a set of optimizing processes of the website that you have. If you are not among the 16% of the people who uses Bing and Yahoo for information search, it is Google that we have to make happy as business owner. Regardless of which search engine it is, all of them have their own algorithm to determine the website’s position on the search page result. Search engine optimization is mainly known for its long-run process.
In this process, the website links appear on the search result organically and it finds their position on the search page either going up or going down over a certain period of time. On average, it might take somewhere from 3 months to 1 year or even more sometimes to see any significant achievement depending on the type and the category of the business. Location of the business also matters as a similar type of business may exist in the same area or surroundings. In this type of situation, the website has got a better SEO job done, and the higher is for the business to come up in a good position on the search engine.

The relevant cost to SEO is not that high. Well, the fact is, the relevant costs cannot be predefined as this is an ongoing process.  In order to keep your website SEO ready and up to date,  either you or a digital marketer with SEO expertise will need to continue the work. On the top, the different campaigns will require different levels of SEO work done.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. If you want a quick boost your product or service on your website, you pay the search engines such as Google to come up on the search page and for every click, you pay a certain amount to Google. PPC lets you decide on how much you would like to spend for paid ads over a period that you choose to. Typically you bid for the keywords that are associated with the service or product you are offering. If it’s simply put, the higher the bid, the more chance you have to get your ads shown. In this way, service or product seekers will click on your ads and they will land on the landing page where you can convert the lead.

Let’s Compare: SEO vs PPC

  • SEO is more cost-effective than PPC. However, SEO is not the quickest in the case of ROI. The PPC is more expensive, but the ROI is much higher and the leads are more qualified.
  •  PPC is for a short period of time. If you are not good at organic search, as soon as you switch off your paid campaign, you will have drastic fall in the lead generation process. On the other hand,  if your SEO jobs are done properly, then you will have a solid place in the search results for a long time.
  • Sometimes it happens, that instead of clicking the paid ad at the top positions, visitors click the organic search results.  There are so many out there who take the paid ad as if the service is not doing that great and thus the business is running paid campaigns to sell their products or services.  So in this case, Organic performance matters.
  • There are many click fraud companies out there that set up an automatic process for the clicks from different IP addresses so that the clicks on an ad look more legit. This act will increase the cost of the ad thrower and will do more damage than good. Search engines are trying to rectify these issues, however, it will not be possible to resolve them entirely. The SEO process does not have such activity on its plate. So in that case SEO is ahead.

So which is better for your business: SEO vs PPC?

Well, it depends on the type of business and the budget for online marketing. Considering all the facts and experience that we have at OptmusClick, you need both. In the long run, there is no alternative to SEO and for a quick ROI, PPC is ideal.  You can allocate a regular budget for PPC while you or your marketing team keeps up the good work for SEO.

Now that you have a good understanding of SEO and PPC, why wait? Let us know your marketing budget and we will take care of the rest for your business’s online marketing. You can email us at or call 0401 905 477 or  0413 344 934.

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